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Class Rules

Mrs. Adams

Health Science

Congratulations! You have chosen a most rewarding field of study to explore for future employment. Good study habits and an adherence to policy rules and regulations will make this a successful year for you with far-reaching goals. Because this is a new field of study for many of you, it will require good study habits.


            Be respectful to everyone and of all equipment

          Be responsible

                   *Attend class every day

                        *Be on time

                        *Be prepared

  1. Demonstrate respect for the instructor and others.
  2. Come to class on time. Arriving to class after the bell rings will be counted as a tardy.
  3. Talking during the pledge, announcements, and moment of silence is not acceptable!!
  4. Foul or abusive language will not be tolerated.
  5. In order to be recognized, please raise your hand.
  6. Students are not allowed in the cabinets in the classroom.
  7. Cell Phone/Headphone Policy: Cell phones are to be silenced and placed within the students backpack upon entering the class. There are, however, times when cell phones are allowed to be used in class for instructional purposes. The student will be informed of these instances by the teacher.


First warning: the student’s phone will be placed in cell phone jail until the end of class.

Second warning: the phone is placed in cell phone jail and given back after school.

Third warning: the phone is placed in cell phone jail, parent contact is made, and the phone is turned over to the office.




If you have to miss class, it is your responsibility to make arrangements to make up missed assignments. Most lecture notes are uploaded to Google Classroom, so you will have access to lecture materials outside of the classroom. The majority of test material is taken from lectures and PowerPoint presentations. The student will have 1 week to complete missed assignments.

Late Work:  With the exception of having to study for exams and quizzes, I do not usually assign homework. However, when homework is given, it is expected to be submitted by the beginning of the next class day, unless otherwise specified. No exceptions. Any work received after the beginning of class will be considered late and will have points deducted.



If you have any questions or concerns regarding your student, please do not hesitate to email me at