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Instructional Coaching

My main role is to help teachers incorporate research-based instructional practices into their classroom to help students learn more effectively. This looks very different depending on the day and the need - I will lead whole-group professional development, but I also work with teachers one-on-one with the use of coaching cycles. Professional development is created and presented based on the needs of the district and campus, but individual coaching cycles are a partnership focused on the personalized growth of individual teachers.  
In short, I love education, am passionate about educational research, and strive to help everyone be better for the sake of our students. 

Focus on Instruction Newsletters

  • Quizizz Super - An introduction to our newest purchase with links to Quizizz's help centers and other documents.
  • Instructional Playbook - Hands-on Learning - This first installment of the WHS instructional playbook covers kinesthetic learning with an enhanced look at the one-pager shared during PLCs the week of October 4, 2021.
  • September 2021 - In this edition, I shared the various data and documentation tools I've created for teachers over the years. 
  • STAAR Updates - A summary of changes and updates to the STAAR tests. 

Teacher Resources & Trainings