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College Information

High School students receive information about college beginning in 9th grade.  The following general information is here to assist students in searching for and seeking acceptance to a college or technical school.  For more specific information about your individual student, please contact his or her counselor.
PSAT:  College-bound students are encouraged to take the PSAT in grades 10 &11.  The test provided high quality practice for the SAT and 11th graders have the opportunity to use their scores to compete for National Merit Scholarships.  The test is given in October each year, please watch for an announcement when the date is set.
College Entrance Exams:  Students considering a 4 year university should take one or both of the national college entrance exams in the spring of their 11th grade year.  Students may choose to take either or both the SAT and ACT, and many students take each test multiple times to achieve a higher score.
TSI:  All students planning to attend a college in the state of Texas must take the Texas Success Initiative before they can register for classes.  This test serves as a placement tool to help colleges determine if a student is prepared to be successful in college level reading, writing and math.  Students who are not successful on the test must retake it until they pass,k or enroll in non-credit bearing skills development classes at their college.  Students may test at Trintiy Valley Community College in Palestine, or as various other college test centers in the area.
NCAA Eligibility Center:  Students  who are interested in playing sports at the college level should consult with their counselor to ensure they are on track for NCAA eligibility.  Students who are instructed to do so by their coaches should register for the NCAA Eligibility Clearinghouse int heir 11th grade year.